Preserving teeth with Partial Dentures in Middletown

Have you lost several teeth due to advanced gum disease, trauma, or extractions? You may be tempted to have the rest removed and get dentures. That is a reasonable plan in some situations, and the team at University Dental is well-qualified to handle it. However, there can be great advantages to keeping as many of your natural teeth as you are able, for as long as possible. Partial dentures have allowed hundreds of patients in the Middletown area to do exactly that.

Avoiding rock and roll

A partial denture consists of artificial teeth attached to a gum-colored base. In most cases, it is held in place with metal clasps that attach to adjacent teeth. Precision design is critical to keep the denture from rocking and rolling. Unintentional movement of the prosthetic can cause discomfort and embarrassment, and damage natural teeth.

We utilize material that is strong and rigid, yet lightweight. This allows a thin denture that looks natural and improves hot, cold, and bite sensations. Artificial teeth are fabricated from resin or porcelain that mimics the luster of natural dentition. Stable design is something of an art. We give careful consideration to:

  • How your jaws work together.
  • Your unique bite.
  • The position of existing teeth for stabilization.
  • Distribution of pressure.
  • Scientific elements of torque, pivot points, fulcrums, and levers.

Benefits of a removable partial denture

  • Restores appearance of the smile.
  • Improves chewing function.
  • Let’s you speak more clearly.
  • Keeps remaining teeth from shifting out of position.
  • An economical alternative to dental implants or a fixed dental bridge.
  • Removable, for easy cleaning of the denture and mouth.
  • Can be supported by a dental implant (or several) for additional stability.

Take the first step toward preserving your remaining teeth – call University Dental in Middletown at (855) 908 3676 to schedule a partial denture consultation.