It is with great sadness we have to inform you we are closing.

This decision was not made lightly, as we have been here in Middletown for our Medicaid community for over 40 years.

The rising cost of equipment, supplies, and dental labs keeps soaring, and Medicaid is still paying Doctors the same payments they were paying 24 years ago in 1998. The insurance companies refuse to keep up with the times, and we cannot stay in business any longer.

We will continue to see our patients who are already on the schedule through June 23rd. That will be our last day.

We have contacted all insurance companies and told them of our closure. Your insurance company has all your service records for your next dental provider. For the next month and a half, we will be happy to print patient X-rays for anyone who asks. You may call or send an email to records@universitydental.co to request your information. You may pick them up in person before June 23rd, or we can mail them to you. Just let us know.

You will need to contact your insurance company to find an office that takes your insurance.

Thank you for allowing University Dental to be your dental provider for many years. We wish you all nothing but a beautiful smile!

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