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Little mouths are a big part of what we do at University Dental. We enjoy serving patients of all ages from Montgomery, Butler, Warren, and Hamilton Counties, but our office comes alive when little ones walk through the door. With an upbeat atmosphere and low-stress techniques, we have become the kids’ dentist that parents in the Middletown area trust with their children’s oral health, development, and appearance.

Little details make a big difference

Most family dental practices have a children’s play corner in the reception area, but otherwise treat small patients pretty much like adults. We take kids’ dentistry further, with attention to little details that make a big difference in how your child feels about dental care, now and into the future. Here are a few examples:

  • Children are greeted by name and spoken to (not about).
  • We focus on education and prevention of dental disease, taking plenty of time to share information with parents, and to give hands-on demonstration to child patients.
  • Our dentists are trained to administer nitrous oxide and sedation, helping pediatric patients overcome dental anxiety and get through treatments without drama.
  • We use kid-sized instruments for gentle, comfortable care.

Myths & Facts: Dentistry

Myth & Facts: Dentistry Mouth in Middletown.

Myth & Facts: Dentistry –  Middletown. Call (855) 908 3676 today to schedule an appointment.

Myths & Facts: Cavities

Myth & Facts: Cavities - Middletown

Myth & Facts: Cavities – in Middletown. Call (855) 908 3676 today to schedule an appointment.

Keeping kids cavity-free

Fluoride treatment is a pleasant tasting gel. Application just takes a few minutes, and it helps to keep tooth enamel strong and cavity-resistant.

The chewing surfaces of molars have natural indentations, pits, bumps, and ridges where bacterial plaque hides. Dental sealant is a clear liquid varnish brushed onto teeth to reduce risk of tooth decay.

Quality care for children is affordable at University Dental in Middletown. We are a Medicaid provider and accept most insurance plans. Our family welcomes your family to experience the difference a caring kids’ dentist can make in your daily lives. Call (855) 908 3676 today to schedule an appointment.