Great-fitting Dentures keep Middletown patients smiling

More than 35 million Americans have no natural teeth, a condition most prevalent in seniors and the underprivileged. Unfortunately, many of them will suffer with dentures that look artificial, rub sore spots, slip, or wobble. The dentists at University Dental in Middletown have solutions that fit your mouth, budget, and lifestyle.

Attention to detail

At University Dental, we understand that finances and insurance status of each patient are unique. We provide a range of denture choices, with cost determined largely by materials and expected longevity of the prosthetic. However, one characteristic is common to all of the dentures we make – careful attention to detail. Our goal is to ensure that, whether you select an economy or a premier denture, it fits comfortably. That lets you eat a well-rounded diet, speak clearly, and smile, laugh, and sing out loud with confidence!

The process:

  • A consultation in which we take plenty of time to understand your concerns and answer questions.
  • Thorough evaluation to determine the condition of any existing teeth (and whether they should be extracted), as well as bone structure in the mouth.
  • X-rays and impressions. This information guides the dentist in designing dentures that fit properly.
  • Expect several appointments for planning, fitting, and final adjustments to full dentures.

Implant-retained dentures

For an incredible level of stability, we also offer implant-retained dentures. As few as four dental implants hold an entire arch of teeth securely in place. Implant-supported dentures may be removable or fixed.

You get hands-on instruction for cleaning your dentures. We share tips on adapting to wearing dentures and oral care to keep your mouth healthy. Annual check-ups are encouraged, and our team is available if you have concerns about your dentures or need repairs.

Call University Dental in Middletown at (855) 908 3676 for dentures designed with you in mind.