Middletown, OH area dentist explains when wisdom tooth extraction is necessary for oral health

Dental equipment holding an extracted tooth

Many patients in the Middletown, OH area may be familiar with the wisdom teeth, or the “third molars.” These teeth are the last to develop within the smile. However, extraction of a wisdom tooth is common, and patients may ask their dentist to explain why this occurs.

Why extract wisdom teeth?

Because wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt through the gum line, there is often less space for them to do so after the rest of the adult teeth are in place. This increases the likelihood of the teeth becoming impacted, or “stuck,” in the bone of the jaw. This can cause patients great pain and discomfort, which can only be improved with wisdom tooth extraction. Other times, patients may have their wisdom teeth extracted because they have straightened their smile with orthodontic treatment and do not want to disrupt the results that have been achieved, or the teeth are so far back in the mouth that they are difficult to keep clean and leave patients at risk of developing cavities or periodontal disease.

How are wisdom teeth extracted?

Extraction of a wisdom tooth can be either simple or surgical.

  • Simple – simple wisdom tooth extraction is achieved when the tooth has erupted through the gum line. Special instruments are used to grab the tooth and wedge it out from the bone of the jaw while patients are under proper local anesthetics and sedation.
  • Surgical – surgical wisdom tooth extraction is more invasive, as it requires the dentist to cut into the gums to access the tooth. Surgical does require more healing time, but it is effective at removing teeth that have not yet erupted.

Learn more about the advantages of wisdom tooth extraction with the team at University Dental

Drs. Scott Everhart, Mamta Kori, and Isha Patel, of University Dental are pleased to provide solutions for the smile, including wisdom tooth extraction when needed. Contact their Middletown, OH practice by calling (855) 908 3676 and visiting the office at 675 North University Boulevard. University Dental is always accepting new patients interested in obtaining quality dental care.


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