Urgent care in Middletown OH relieves toothache, resolves symptoms over long term with effective treatment

Dental Care Services for Any Type of Toothache in Middletown Area

University Dental knows that a toothache can mean a lot of different things. Drs Mamta Kori, Scott Everhart, Isha Patel and Farhad Jamshidi also understand that when you’re in pain, you don’t care what “type” of toothache you are suffering from – you just want the pain gone! For symptoms such as a toothache, urgent care in Middletown OH at University Dental is a phone call away. The dentists build flexibility into their schedules. So, they can see you right away. Often, toothache pain can be resolved and treated with appropriate restorative procedures on the same day you reach out to us.

Why “type of toothache” matters

To offer lasting pain relief, and to effectively and quickly treat your toothache, the University Dental team needs to understand the source of your distressing symptoms. A tooth can “hurt” in a lot of different ways, which ultimately result in different diagnoses and treatments.

Pain when you bite down, especially on hard foods like apples.

This pain can be quite jarring when your tooth contacts hard food; however, it often subsides relatively quickly. This symptom is associated with tooth decay, fractured or broken teeth, worn or loose restorations, or a deep infection on the inside of the tooth (pulp tissue). Depending on what your dentist finds, treatment may involve:

Persistent pain after eating or drinking hot or cold foods and beverages.

If that pain lasts for at least 30 seconds after your teeth contacts these foods and drinks, you may be suffering from a tooth with extensive decay or irreparable damage that requires restorative care. Based on your diagnosis, Drs Kori, Everhart, Patel, or Jamshidi may recommend resolving the decay with antibiotics and, possibly, root canal therapy, or rebuilding the tooth with a dental crown.

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Severe pain that won’t go away.

When infections are deep and damage is extensive, it can cause the worst type of toothache – the one so persistent and traumatic that it interferes with your sleep, work, school, social life, and simple everyday tasks. Accompanying facial swelling and swollen gums indicates that the infection has spread; this situation requires immediate treatment to prevent systemic damage. Intervention may include root canal therapy followed by a crown, or extraction followed by a conventional or dental implant-supported bridge.

Don’t delay getting the urgent treatment you need to be healthy, productive, and happy.

Getting the Urgent Treatment You Need to Be Healthy, Productive, and Happy in Middletown Area

University Dental accepts many types of insurances that aren’t accepted at other dentist’s offices in and around Middletown, OH, including Medicaid. In fact, “emergency treatment” is among those dental services covered by the state-administered program.


For immediate relief and the appropriate treatment that means lasting comfort, beauty, and functionality, call University Dental at (855) 908 3676. We’ll work with you to prevent the conditions that often produce toothaches. After all, why treat when you can avoid pain with routine cleanings, guidance on care, and preventive services?


You can’t plan for everything in life. Even with the best care, accidents happen. Dental disease or decay can go undetected for some time, especially in the earliest stages. So, if you are already suffering from pain, we’ll see you soon to get you back to feeling like your happy, healthy self again!


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