What are the most recommended toothache treatments in Middletown, OH


Nothing can ruin a great day as fast as a toothache. When it strikes, you need help fast. Should you trust an over the counter toothache product that claims to be dentist recommended? Should you reach for the phone and call your Middletown, OH dentist? The answer depends on the situation.

Home remedies for toothaches

Orajel and similar products are generally safe and effective for reducing pain. They work by numbing the area. You can also use clove oil, which will have the same effect. The problem with these “remedies” is that they do not address the cause of toothache, they only treat the symptom. They are recommended for short term use, such as keeping you comfortable until your appointment. However, they are not a long-term solution.

When you need to see a dentist

Tooth pain can occur for many reasons. For example, food trapped between two teeth can cause pressure and both teeth hurt, or a minor impact can make a tooth sore temporarily. A one-time toothache that fades away in a short time may not be cause for concern. However, you should see a dentist if:

  • You have a constant or recurring toothache
  • Your teeth are sensitive to pressure or temperature changes
  • There are chips, fractures, missing fillings, cavities, or other signs of damage
  • Your gums are swollen, tender, or bleed easily when you brush
  • The pain is accompanied by swelling, infection, or any other symptoms

Dental treatment

After an examination, your dentist will discuss the best treatment options. Recommendations may range from a simple filling to root canal therapy, depending on the cause of your toothache. We will help you choose the most affordable, comfortable way to end the pain and help you love your smile again. Call University Dental at (855) 908 3676 and arrange a consultation.


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