Are you considering partial dentures as a treatment for missing teeth in Middletown, OH?

Partial Dentures Treatment in Middletown area

When patients in Middletown, OH are seeking treatment for missing teeth, they are encouraged to learn about the benefits of using partial dentures to achieve a restored smile. Drs. Scott Everhart, Mamta Kori, Isha Patel, and Farhad Jamshidi of University Dental provide partial dentures to patients who are interested in an economical and easy-to-use solution for missing or extracted teeth.

How to replace missing teeth

It is important for patients to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. This is because shifting of the existing teeth can occur, resulting in gaps and misalignment that can be even more complicated to treat. There are several ways to replace missing teeth and restore the smile’s functionality:

Many patients missing one or more teeth within the arch may find partial dentures to be the ideal choice for their lifestyle and budget.

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are dental restorations that use a false tooth or teeth adhered to a metal and acrylic appliance. This appliance fits tightly within the dental arch to place the false teeth where they are needed. Our patients love that these dentures are easy to clean, simple to use, and provide restoration of the beauty and function of their smiles without extensive procedures. Partial dentures are often covered in part or fully by dental insurance, making them one of the most affordable options for our patients to consider when repairing their smiles. These restorations are the easiest to keep clean, remove, and maintain.

Interested in partial dentures?

Take the time to speak with the team at University Dental to discuss your options. Drs. Scott Everhart, Mamta Kori, Isha Patel and Farhad Jamshidi are dedicated to assisting patients with their oral health care needs. They encourage patients to contact their office by calling (855) 908 3676 to discuss options and to work with the team at their office, conveniently located at 675 North University Boulevard in Middletown, OH. Patients of all ages can enjoy general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry solutions for their smiles here with our team! We welcome new patients.


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