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Apr 23

Tooth loss may occur due to trauma, decay, age, or gum disease. Without teeth, your facial appearance, speech pattern, and eating are all affected. If you have lost teeth, your dentist can help you find an appropriate replacement based on your oral, lifestyle, and financial needs. Located in Middletown, Ohio, the team at University Dental […]

Dec 11

No one wants to hear that their child has a cavity. They not only impact health, but they can be painful. It is important to teach your child the importance of regular dental care in order to prevent decay and the need for restorative dental procedures. At University Dental in Middletown, OH, we offer dentistry […]

Dec 04

As much as we want to maintain our natural teeth, tooth loss does occur. Trauma, illness, decay, and even age can lead to tooth loss. For patients who are missing or need to replace an entire arch, full dentures are often part of the plan to restore your smile. Located in Middletown, OH, the team […]

Jun 01

Nothing can ruin a great day as fast as a toothache. When it strikes, you need help fast. Should you trust an over the counter toothache product that claims to be dentist recommended? Should you reach for the phone and call your Middletown, OH dentist? The answer depends on the situation. Home remedies for toothaches […]

Jun 01

Never underestimate the importance of preventive care and early dental treatments. Filling a cavity is fast and affordable at University Dental in Middletown. However, delaying treatment can lead to major oral health problems, which can ultimately cost you your tooth and require more extensive dental treatment. Why early cavity treatment is important How does a […]

Feb 16

Replacing missing teeth is incredibly important for your oral health, overall wellness, and self-image. Even one missing tooth mars your smile, and allows other teeth to shift out of position. That impacts ability to chew efficiently, and thus, digestive health. It also creates nooks and crannies where bacteria flourish, leading to cavities and gum disease. […]

Feb 16

Some dentists focus on correcting problems after they occur. While restoration is an important aspect of any family practice, the team at University Dental concentrates on helping patients avoid the discomfort, inconvenience, and expense of oral health issues. Our dentists in Middletown suggest adding sealants to your preventive dentistry care to dramatically reduce risk of […]