Middletown dentists explain the benefits of root canals as treatment options

Root canals are treatment options to preserve the natural tooth and to restore overall oral health. Contact Dr. Mamta Kori and the team at University Dental in Middletown,

Tooth sensitivity or pain is an issue that needs to be addressed. Tooth pain often stems from decay or trauma. Root canals may be the treatments to preserve the health of your mouth. Unfortunately, the term “root canal” sounds scary and has a bad reputation. Throw away the misconceptions. The team at University Dental in Middletown explains the health benefits of root canal treatments.


A root canal does not cause pain. If your dentist suggests a root canal, you are probably already experiencing tenderness due to an infection or inflammation. A root canal is designed to relieve pressure and remove infection or decay to maintain your health. Prior to the treatment, x-rays are taken to show the damage. This gives the dentist knowledge of the depth of the damage, so it can be removed. The tooth is sterilized then filled with a special material. The process minimizes pressure. Symptoms ease as the tooth heals.

Benefits of root canals

Your dentist’s goal is to save your natural teeth when possible and to protect your oral health. This includes maintaining the health of your mouth and its structures. With a root canal, the objective is to save your tooth, avoiding extraction. The roots continue to stimulate the jaw, keep the bone healthy, and prevent the adjacent teeth from shifting. During the treatment, the damaged material is removed. Bacteria are eliminated. A root canal treatment safely removes bacteria to preserve a patient’s oral and overall health.


There are many misconceptions about root canals. In reality, there are numerous benefits of root canals. Key benefits to remember include:

  • The treatment is not painful. As the area heals, any discomfort should subside.
  • A root canal saves the natural tooth and the root to preserve the patient’s oral health.
  • The procedure removes the infection and bacteria.
  • The entire procedure is safe and effective.
  • A crown placed on top protects and restores the tooth.
  • The effects are long-lasting with good oral hygiene and dental appointments.

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