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Keep Smiling With Dentures Middletown OH area

Gaps in your smile can affect how you feel about yourself, how you speak, and even how you digest food. Healthy, functional teeth are vital to proper chewing and speech, and provide structure to your face so you can be proud of the reflection staring back at you in the mirror!


University Dental gives you plenty of reasons to keep smiling with dentures in Middletown OH. Our dentists design new teeth from high-quality materials and with painstaking attention to detail. You get dentures that fit well! Proper fit is important to proper function. Dentures that don’t fit well or are made from lesser materials and inferior techniques are associated with many common complaints: a “fake” appearance, slipping and sliding when you eat or talk, and rubbing that produces sores on the inside of the mouth.

Getting dentures at University Dental – another reason to smile

We work closely with you from the get-go to make sure you are comfortable with your new teeth. There are more options than ever before for people who have gaps in their smile. You may be a candidate for removable conventional partial or complete dentures that fit like, feel, and look like natural and healthy tooth material. We also offer removable and fixed partial and complete dentures that are supported by dental implants. Dental implants placed in the jaw function like natural tooth roots, so you get unsurpassed stability. Since the denture base or framework is connected directly to the bone in your jaw (by way of the implant), there is no need for adhesive or other products to hold your teeth in place.

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To determine the best option for you, one of our dentists will explain the different “systems.” We welcome your questions and listen closely to your preferences. A current exam or evaluation of your mouth also helps to better determine your need; for example, you may be holding on to badly damaged or decayed teeth. We can help you get immediate relief, by removing those teeth and replacing them with either a partial or complete denture. This is also a great opportunity to resolve other oral problems, such as periodontal or gum disease. Healthy gums are a foundation for healthy teeth and, likewise, are necessary to support your new prosthetic.

Royal treatment that won’t cost you a fortune

Royal treatment that won’t cost you a fortune in Middletown OH area

University Dental is used to working with a variety of insurance plans, including Medicaid. We’re transparent about our fees, and you’ll get a pre-treatment estimate well before your teeth are made.


Largely, most dental insurance policies offer at least some coverage of restorative treatments; for instance, up to 50% of the cost of your denture may be covered. Since policies can differ so greatly, let us do the communicating with the company for you to determine your benefits. If you have Medicaid, dentures are listed among covered services, as are the repairs and relining procedures necessary to keep your teeth fitting comfortably and functioning as they should. We’ll share specifics about your benefits, including how often you can get dentures relined as a “covered service.” All this said, University Dental is not dictated by insurance. Treatment recommendations are based on what is best for you, your needs, preferences, goals, and lifestyle. We’ll work with you to help with out-of-pocket costs that may stand in the way of your getting the restorative care you need to have a stunning smile and quality of life.


As your “consultants” in oral care, our dental team makes sure you get off to a strong start by showing you how to keep your dentures clean, and by demonstrating ways to adjust quickly to your new teeth. A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Leave the repairs to us! Do-It-Yourself kits and Over-the-Counter glues can damage dentures. Call us immediately for efficient, convenient repairs or replacement (depending on your needs).
  • Choose “forgiving” foods that have high nutritional content, such as berries, yogurt, and steamed vegetables. It’s all okay to integrate chewier foods into your diet, as long as they’re cut into manageable pieces.
  • Speech-related exercises, such as “singing” phrases, can help you get used to speaking with dentures.
  • Our team can also recommend the best creams and other products to help reduce early discomfort. If soreness is prolonged, let us know and we may need to make additional precision adjustments.

Both removable and fixed dentures must be cleaned as directed by University Dental. Even implant-retained dentures are susceptible to a type of gum disease, which arises around the implant if food and bacteria aren’t removed.


University Dental looks forward to designing dentures that will restore your dazzling smile, and to giving you the pleasant, excellent experience you deserve – that’s worth smiling about! Call (855) 908 3676 to schedule your appointment at the Middletown office.


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