In Middletown, OH, it’s easy to make family dental care part of a healthy lifestyle

The team at University Dental, Dr. Mamta Kori and Team help to improve keeping your family dental care

Oh, the things we do to keep our families healthy:

  • Organic foods
  • Bicycle helmets
  • Dye- and perfume-free detergents
  • Seatbelts
  • Insisting on more playground time than screen time
  • Vitamin gummies.

How about dental checkups every six months? Is that on your list? As more and more studies link oral health with overall wellbeing, regular family dental care is something you can’t afford to neglect. And it is easier than you might think with the help of family dental care at University Dental in Middletown, OH.

Just the right care for the smallest to the tallest

The friendly, professional staff at University Dental is committed to putting a smile on the face of everyone in your family, from the smallest to the tallest. Bring your family to an impeccably kept office where you can be sure they will receive safe, hygienic care. Relax as you see your children warm up to everyone from the engaging receptionist to the gentle dentist. Schedule follow-up appointments for necessary treatment at an office that accepts a variety of insurance coverage, including Medicaid.


Start your little ones off on a lifetime of good oral hygiene by placing them in the hands of a calm, caring dentist. At University Dental, youngsters are talked to, not about. They are shown how to care for their teeth. Every effort is made to minimize discomfort during procedures; dental sedation is available, when necessary.


Do you have a teen who needs wisdom teeth removed? The procedure can often be handled right at University Dental, with no need to make a special appointment with an oral surgeon.


Moms and dads have their own set of dental issues as they age. Some develop gum disease, which has been linked to everything from diabetes to heart disease. University Dental offers deep-cleaning procedures to treat, and even reverse, gum disease. As we hit middle age, sometimes we need a root canal to save a tooth, or a dental implant to replace a tooth that must be extracted. University Dental can meet both those needs.

Grandpas welcome

If your family has taken on caregiver status for grandpa, bring him along to University Dental. He can have his natural teeth gently cleaned or have a full set of dentures custom made so he can continue to enjoy family dinners.


The best part about trusting your family to University Dental is that you establish a lifelong relationship with dental care professionals who know you personally and have treated you throughout the seasons of your life. They are as committed to keeping your family healthy as you are, for years to come. Call (855) 908 3676 today to schedule checkups for everyone in your family.


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