Keep smiling with dentures that look, fit like natural teeth in Middletown OH

Keep Smiling With Dentures Middletown OH area

Gaps in your smile can affect how you feel about yourself, how you speak, and even how you digest food. Healthy, functional teeth are vital to proper chewing and speech, and provide structure to your face so you can be proud of the reflection staring back at you in the mirror!   University Dental gives you plenty of reasons to keep smiling with dentures in Middletown OH. Our dentists design new teeth from high-quality materials and with painstaking attention to detail. You get dentures that fit well! Proper fit is important to proper function. Dentures that don’t fit well or … Continue reading

Patients ask what to expect from the denture treatment process in Middletown, OH

The team at University Dental in Middletown, OH understands the importance of a healthy, natural smile.

The team at University Dental in Middletown, OH understands the importance of a healthy, natural smile. Even with the best care, dental problems can occur. When problems arise, our team offers comprehensive dental services, including dentures for patients who have lost teeth. We strive to make the process as smooth as possible and to let patients know what to expect throughout the denture treatment process.   Trauma, illness, and poor dental hygiene may result in having teeth removed. Dentures are an aesthetically and functionally pleasing option to replace missing teeth. We offer dentures made with quality materials designed to fit … Continue reading

Middletown, OH dentist answers the question, “Do dentures affect taste?”

Dentures dentist middletown oh

Tooth loss may occur due to trauma, decay, age, or gum disease. Without teeth, your facial appearance, speech pattern, and eating are all affected. If you have lost teeth, your dentist can help you find an appropriate replacement based on your oral, lifestyle, and financial needs. Located in Middletown, Ohio, the team at University Dental offers dentures as replacement options for missing teeth. The impact of dentures on taste Committing to dental work such as dentures comes with questions and concerns. A common question is “do dentures affect taste?” It is possible for dentures to affect your sense of taste, … Continue reading

Full Dentures and Denture Care Middletown OH – Cost and Benefits

Full Dentures and Denture Care Middletown OH

As much as we want to maintain our natural teeth, tooth loss does occur. Trauma, illness, decay, and even age can lead to tooth loss. For patients who are missing or need to replace an entire arch, full dentures are often part of the plan to restore your smile. Located in Middletown, OH, the team at University Dental offers dentures and tips for proper denture care. What are full dentures? Dentures are used to replace missing teeth. The main forms are partial or full. Full dentures replace a full arch of teeth on the top or bottom jaw. Partials replace … Continue reading


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