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No one wants to hear that their child has a cavity. They not only impact health, but they can be painful. It is important to teach your child the importance of regular dental care in order to prevent decay and the need for restorative dental procedures. At University Dental in Middletown, OH, we offer dentistry services for kids that can help prevent decay. By using the following recommendations, you can help your child develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

  1.    Explain the importance of routine dental care, which includes brushing twice each day and flossing once each day.
  2.    As oral bacteria can spread through sharing of food and beverages, it would be wise to have your child avoid sharing food and drinks.
  3.    Show your children that routine dental visits are a priority. Bring your child to the family dentist after the first tooth emerges, and thereafter twice yearly for exams and cleanings.
  4.    Feed your child a nutritious diet and avoid giving them too many sweet or starchy foods, as they can increase plaque in the mouth. Start off small by making small swaps with healthier items like fruits and vegetables.
  5.    Teach your child the importance of hydration which can prevent bacteria from sticking to the teeth. This can be accomplished through drinking water and eating water-dense fruits and vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, cantaloupe, watermelon, lettuce, and tomatoes.
  6.    Ask the family dentist about sealants. Sealants can protect pits and fissures where bacteria can become trapped and provide protection from cavities.
  7.    Avoid giving your child sugary beverages like soda and juice drinks.
  8.    Avoid sticky candies as they can be difficult to clean from teeth and lead to acid formation and tooth decay.
  9.    Offer your child healthy snacks such as cheese and nuts because they are filled with acid-fighters and can help remineralize teeth.

The experienced and caring team at University Dental  offers the best dental care for your child. To learn more about helping prevent decay in children, call (855) 908 3676 to schedule a consultation with Drs. Kori, Everhart, Patel, and Yi.
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