Don’t lose a tooth because to a cavity! There are affordable treatments available in Middletown, OH


Never underestimate the importance of preventive care and early dental treatments. Filling a cavity is fast and affordable at University Dental in Middletown. However, delaying treatment can lead to major oral health problems, which can ultimately cost you your tooth and require more extensive dental treatment.

Why early cavity treatment is important

How does a cavity progress so quickly? The answer is found in the structure of a tooth.

  • The outermost layer is enamel, a very hard material that erodes slowly. When the enamel first shows signs of pitting, it can be easily repaired with a filling.
  • Beneath enamel is dentin, a softer solid material. Once decay reaches this layer, it spreads more quickly. Often, the cavity is much larger than the visible opening in the enamel. At this point, the cavity can be repaired with a filling, or possibly a crown.
  • In the center of the tooth is pulp, a combination of soft, delicate tissues such as nerves and tiny vessels. A deep cavity can expose the pulp, leading to nerve damage and infection in the middle of the tooth. At this point, a root canal treatment and dental crown are needed to restore the tooth.
  • If infected dental pulp is not treated, it will eventually cause so much damage that the tooth must be extracted.

About dental fillings

What does treatment for a cavity involve?

  • The tooth is numbed for a comfortable procedure.
  • The decayed and damaged parts of the tooth are removed.
  • Filling material is applied to the prepared tooth and shaped.
  • The filling is cured (hardened) and polished.
  • With just one appointment and minimal expense, the health of your teeth is restored.

If you have a cavity, no matter how small, don’t postpone treatment. Call us at (855) 908 3676 and schedule an appointment.


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